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KKADE works as independent graphic designer since 2011. Detailed, sensitive and meticulously elaborated typographical illustrations build the base of his core competences. His style demands a generous portion of patience, endurance and fastidious craft. Techniques blend the tradition of Swiss graphic design and typography with elements rooting in the Art Deco epoch, merged with symbolism that derives from the West Coast Tattoo culture. Reference projects range from US to Australian clients. Whilst KKADE also belongs to infamous Californian artist- and streetwear collective «The Seventh Letter». He is also a founding member of the «Schwarzmaler» collective from Switzerland.

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Affenfaust, Hamburg

Avantgarden Gallery, Milano
Borrowed PDX, Portland
Grayscale Gallery, Joh
Hang Fire Gallery, Bristol
Known Gallery, Los Angeles
Keep Contemporary, Santa Fe
Mirus Gallery, Denver

Ryan Joseph Gallery, Denver
The Seventh Letter, Los Angeles
The Trace Gallery, Zürich

Aroma AG, Zürich
Gecko, Bern
Kargo, Bern
Leo Burnett, Zürich
Machart, Altstätten
Rionero, Zürich
TBWA, Zürich

Über Fresh, Berlin
Visul, Bern


Bullseye Studio, New York
Dolly Noire, Milano
Die Taube, Switzerland
Emmentaler, Switzerland

Ela Berger, Switzerland
Eskis Clothing, France
Kailua Studios, Sydney
Laufen, Switzerland
La Cucina, Switzerland

Manillio, Switzerland
Modern Tradesman, Las Vegas
New Balance, Switzerland
Parisienne, Switzerland
Reebok, Switzerland
Red Bull, Switzerland

Royal Arena Festival, Switzerland
Sauber Motorsport, Switzerland

Scanaua, Liechtenstein
Sullen Clothing, Los Angeles
The Breakfast Club, Los Angeles
Under Armour, Germany
University Ink, Los Angeles



Photos by Janosch Abel


2023  |  Vantagepoint Radio Anniversary | Group Show | Ryan Joseph Gallery, Denver, USA

2023  |  Insight by Akut | Group Show | Affenfaust Gallery, Hamburg, DE

2022  |  Sneak Peak | Group Show | Mirus Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2021  |  Image Text | Group Show | Mirus Gallery, Denver, USA

2020  |  Buchbilder | Group Show | Stauffacher, Bern, CH

2019  |  No Font Codex III | Group Show | Avantgarden Gallery, Milano, IT

2019  |  Schwarzmaler Expo | Group Show | Design Festival Bern, Schule für Gestaltung Bern, CH

2018  |  Broken Leaders | Solo Exhibition | The Seventh Letter, ComplexCon, Long Beach, USA

2018  |  Alphabet Group | Group Show | Grayscale Gallery, Johannesburg, ZA

2018  |  26 - A Lettering Show | Group Show | WeMakePDX, Design Week Portland, USA

2017  |  Broken Fonts II | Solo Exhibition | The Trace Gallery, Zürich, CH

2017  |  The Haus - Berlin Art Bang | Group Show | Berlin, DE

2017  |  PREscription | Group Show | Known Gallery, ComplexCon, Long Beach, USA

2017  |  Royal Arena Retrospective | Group Show | La Voirie, Biel/Bienne, CH

2016  |  Write Now | Group Show | Hang Fire Gallery, Bristol, UK

2015  |  30 Years Screaming Hand | Group Show | The Seventh Letter Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2015  |  M8 | Group Show | Urban Nation, Berlin, DE

2014  |  Broken Fonts I | Solo Exhibition | The Trace Gallery, Zürich, CH

2013  |  Red Bull Curates | Group Show | 320 WEST, Zürich, CH

2013  |  Schwarzmaler & Amadeus Waltenspühl | Group Show | Kunsthalle, Luzern, CH

2013  |  Abartig | Group Show | New Graffiti, Bern, CH

2012  |  Schwarzmaler & Amadeus Waltenspühl | Group Show | Waschküche, Bern, CH

2012  |  Drop2 | Group Show | Les Docks, Lausanne, CH

2012  |  Kkade & Bare04 | Group Show | BlamBlamBlam, Zürich, CH

2012  |  Grafik12 | Group Show | Maag Event Halle, Zürich, CH

2010  |  Incident in Budapest | Group Show | Telep, Budapest, HU


THE HUNDREDS (USA)  |  Interview with Trina Calderon in Long Beach, CA
MTN WORLD (USA)  |  Preview for the Solo-Exhibtion
«Broken Fonts II» at the Trace Gallery in Zurich

VANTAGE POINT RADIO  |  Interview with James Bullough for Vantage Point Radio

20MIN (CH)  |  Review about the Capsule Collection «TSL x KKADE» for ComplexCon in Long Beach, CA

RED BULL MAGAZINE (CH)  |  Review about a special desing for a Red Bull festival bar in Switzerland

STREET ART NYC (USA)  |  Interview with Lois Stavsky in New York City

TAGESWOCHE (CH)  |  Interview with Tageswoche, Switzerland based Newspaper Tageswoche


Yearbook of Lettering #1  |  by Slanted Publisher | 2023
Scripted  |  by Sandu Publishing | 2018

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